Sustainability Change-Makers Programme

Drawing on the expertise of over 1’000 B Lab Switzerland member companies and based on the newly developed B Corps standards, B Lab Switzerland has developed a programme to equip sustainability practitioners with the knowledge and practices needed to drive meaningful change.

Participants leave with a concrete plan to ensure that what they have learned is easy to implement. And the journey doesn’t end there: we organise individual and group follow-up sessions to share progress and best practices after the programme has been completed!

Expertise from credible sources

Community & Collaboration

Practical Tools & Roadmap

Tailored Learning Paths

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Module 1: Aligning for Action

Ideal for sustainability managers and team members, this module focuses on understanding the context of sustainability, the business case and internal alignment. It covers sustainability trends, profitability, regulatory trends and materiality assessments. Participants will learn to explain key sustainability trends, articulate benefits and create actionable plans for their organisations.

Duration: 1 Day

Module 2: Setting the Ambition & Strategy

Drawing on Module 1, this module focuses on setting impactful goals, creating a positive impact strategy and exploring innovative business models. Participants will explore forward thinking and innovative business models, and learn how to formulate a positive impact strategy and develop pledges. They will leave equipped with a comprehensive sustainability strategy and insights into effective leadership.

Duration: 1 Day

Module 3: What Good Looks Like

For advanced sustainability practitioners, this module explores the upcoming evolution of the B Corp standards and provides examples of sustainability excellence. Participants will understand the importance of key impact areas and how to develop tailored plans for their organisations. The module covers areas such as purpose-driven leadership, workplace culture, climate action and government affairs to drive deeper sustainability impact.

Duration: 1,5 Days

Module 4: Engaging Stakeholders

Companies cannot improve their impact in isolation. This module provides a roadmap for engaging stakeholders to advance sustainability goals. Participants learn how to engage stakeholders and employees, the value chain, and consumers in collective action. They will gain insights into prioritising stakeholders, maximising collective efforts and implementing best practices for effective engagement.

Duration: 1 Day

Module 5: Driving Change

Focusing on leadership development and impactful reporting, this module empowers sustainability practitioners to inspire action and drive change. Participants explore sustainability leadership, metrics and reporting, financing sustainability efforts and implementation strategies. They will leave with enhanced leadership skills, a sustainability integration roadmap and a stakeholder engagement plan.

Duration: 1 Day

Packages Modules Included Full price per participant B Ecosystem Price (for B Ecosystem Members) per participant
Building Modules 1 & 2 1400 CHF 980 CHF
Accelerating Modules 3, 4 & 5 2'990 CHF 2'090 CHF
Expert All Modules 3'990 CHF 3'070 CHF

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