Business Trainings

We strive to equip organisations and professionals with the key knowledge and tools needed to develop and establish sustainable business models.


Sustainable Innovation

Innovation Bootcamp​

Interested in driving sustainable innovation? Empower your team with the skills they need. Contact us!

Materiality assessment

Sustainability is increasingly recognised as a material issue, but organisations still struggle with how to address it. To help them, we offer a pragmatic approach that supports the development of their first materiality assessment. Through a series of workshops, we work together to develop and validate a double materiality matrix, with the ultimate aim of identifying sustainability initiatives that can be integrated into corporate strategy.

*This and other trainings are included in the B Ecosystem Membership Package, as well as offered loose.

Executive & Board Training

A full day session covering the essentials for boards to understand the importance of sustainability and materiality and how to integrate them into business strategy. We will explore the benefits of addressing sustainability and work on an action plan so that you have a clear set of steps to take.

*This and other trainings are included in the B Ecosystem Membership Package, as well as offered loose. 

Employee Ownership

In a world where the dynamics of ownership are evolving and recognising the growing debate around the topic of Employee Ownership, B Lab Switzerland developed a working group to assess the best practices of this model. Building on the collective knowledge gathered from Swiss B Corps and industry experts, B Lab Switzerland proudly

presents a suite of resources, totally free, to serve as your 101 playbook for embarking on your own Employee Ownership journey.
Three recordings from our online conference series about Employee Ownership are available for Ecosystem members.

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