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In today’s competitive business landscape, profitability remains a cornerstone of success. However, at B Lab, we believe that the true measure of success extends beyond financial gains to encompass social and environmental impact. Through our comprehensive range of initiatives—including standards, policies, tools, and programs—we empower businesses to harmonize profit with purpose, fostering a shift towards sustainable practices that transform the very foundations of our economy.

Our stringent environmental and social standards not only guide businesses on their path to sustainability but also recognize those exemplary B Corps leading the charge towards a more equitable future. Moreover, B Lab actively engages our vibrant community in collective actions, tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges head-on. Join us in redefining success in business, where profit and purpose coexist for the greater good.

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We aim to redefine the purpose of businesses

So that they can excel for the benefit of the world. For this reason we co-initiated to Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises.


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In line with our expectations for community members to generate positive impacts, we dedicate each day to launching new initiatives and nurturing our community to catalyse systemic change. Intrigued by our approach?

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