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The “Integrative Management Experience” module allows students to experience the social and environmental impact analysis of a company and to propose concrete and realistic improvement solutions for the company.

*This video was produced in collaboration with the HES-SO in the context of the Master of Science in Business Administration.

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Class intervention

What: With this course we give students a global vision of sustainable development challenges in the private sector. We give them an introduction to ESG Principles and the key concepts of corporate sustainability, such as companies’ social and environmental impact and good governance practices, as well as present the tools to measure and manage a company’s extra-financial impacts. We also offer the flexibility to co-host or co-create the class material with the professors.

For: Bachelor, Master, MBA, Continuing Education

Duration: 45 min – 1h30min

Mock Consulting

What: The Mock-Consulting program introduces business students to the strategic management of sustainability challenges with a hands-on approach. Students work in groups on a mock company with the objectives to first identify social, environmental or governance impact improvements, and then build a case for their implementation using the B Impact Assessment Tool.

For: Bachelor Students

Duration: 3 – 6 weeks (course module)

B Impact Assessment - Business Consulting

What: This course offers a deeper dive into the strategic management of key sustainability challenges of private companies. B Lab Switzerland activates its ecosystem of private enterprises willing to share their extra-financial performances, B Impact Assessment score and advancements in sustainability, to offer students concrete case studies. Taking into account the companies’ specificities, each group produces an Impact Improvement Report, which presents a set of recommendations to either address impact gaps, or improve existing operational and business model impacts. 

For: Master and MBA Students

Duration: 3 – 12 weeks (course module)

SDG Action Manager Tool - Business Consulting

What: This course builds on the SDG Action Manager Tool and the Agenda 2030. Students are connected with actual companies to map out their contributions to the SDGs and develop recommendations to further these contributions. Students present their findings during a final oral presentation at the end of the course and submit the reports to the companies.

For: Master and MBA Students

Duration: 3 – 12 weeks (course module)

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Basic vocational training and higher vocational training


Anchoring sustainability in basic and higher vocational education and training qualifications

The skills required in basic and higher vocational education and training are constantly evolving, and expectations regarding the positive environmental and social impact of professions are increasing. To address the growing importance of sustainability, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) launched the “Sustainable development in vocational education and training and continuing education” funding priority in October 2023. The aim of this programme is to encourage and support partners and stakeholders in the field of vocational and continuing education and training to unleash their potential in sustainability.

For the “Environment” dimension, SERI works closely with the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) as part of the professional development process. With regard to the “economy” and “society” dimensions of sustainability, the B Lab Switzerland Foundation will – among other things – support professional organisations in integrating sustainability aspects into their curricula and other relevant documents. By integrating sustainability, we can prepare the professionals of tomorrow to meet the challenges of sustainability and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.


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