B Lab Switzerland launches B Ecosystem Membership: A new way to join the B Lab network!

Be part of the B Lab Switzerland ecosystem with our new membership! Take part in exclusive events, access resources and benefit from discounts while connecting with a thriving community committed to using business as a force for good

The B Lab Switzerland ecosystem has grown exponentially over the past few years, with more and more organisations joining the movement of companies using business as a force for good. We closed 2023 with 130 certified B Corps in Switzerland, as well as 420 STI participants, 80 STI Directory Leaders and 500 trained B Leaders. These numbers have already increased in 2024, and we now have a powerful ecosystem of 650+ organisations and 1000+ individuals actively working with us on sustainability.

Each member of our ecosystem brings valuable insights into how companies can integrate sustainability into their business practices. However, we realised that by limiting our ecosystem to those actively involved in our programmes, we were closing the door to other types of organisations and independent sustainability practitioners who could also contribute to our discussions on sustainable business and development. We also do not want to narrow the diversity of our ecosystem and restrict access to the best practices, case studies and resources we have developed over the years to support impact improvement. In fact, quite the opposite: we need as many organisations as possible on board to achieve our mission! 

That is why we are delighted to announce B Ecosystem Membership: your pass to our events, resource library and network.

 © Pictures: Sören Funk 

Network opportunities

All B Ecosystem members are welcome to attend our events, which are marked with the B Ecosystem tag on our website. These events are excellent opportunities to network with peers and gain first-hand insight into how different organisations are tackling sustainability challenges. Stay tuned for our upcoming themed events this autumn and winter, exclusive to B Ecosystem members.

Spoiler alert: Tickets for the Swiss Impact Forum will be available soon, and with a B Ecosystem membership you get 30% off your ticket!

Discounts and offers

B Ecosystem members enjoy a 30% discount on our trainings, including the B Leader Training and the Sustainability Change-makers Programme. Members also offer each other discounts on services and products. When you join, you will receive a list of discount codes from various companies for services and products, and are encouraged to share your own! 

Access to a library of resources

B Lab Ecosystem members also have access to a wide range of practical tools, including playbooks and case studies. 

By joining the B Lab Ecosystem, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable development and become part of a thriving community of change-makers!


*Swiss B Corps and STI participants are automatically members of the Ecosystem and can enjoy all the benefits listed for the duration of their agreement. 

Join our B Ecosystem!

Read more about B Lab Ecosystem membership or contact Giovana, our Community Manager, today to become a member!